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Close Quarters Defensive Tactics. A safe and reasonable system using "Reality Based Training." Training by Master Tactics Instructor Pedro Rodriguez and Advanced Tactics Instructor Angel Jeminez.

Associate Martial Arts Schools

Neil Wilson's Dynamic Hapkido and Street JuJutsu School in Flagstaff, AZ.

General Martial Arts Information

The National Association of Church Security is a team of professionals dedicated to providing the strategies, education, tools, training, intelligence, and networking necessary to maximize safety and security.
No Lie Blades. Excellent source for training knives and materials.


Hand-crafted Combat Canes. In addition to promoting the cane as the weapon of the future, Cane Masters is renowned for the craftsmanship of their custom made canes.

Hand-crafted Combat Canes. The Goju-Shorei Weapons System teaches any individual how to use a cane, knife or fan as a legal and practical self defense weapon. Practical Self-Defense, is the key element in Goju-Shorei Karate and in the Goju-Shorei Weapons Systems. The cane, knife and fan are weapons that can be carried anywhere in the world without confiscation. The cane, knife and fan are formidable weapons when used correctly against an attacker.

An information site about Hapkido. Includes info about history, basic knowledge, books, videos, dojongs, seminars, webguide, and other topics.

Ron Bain's internet guide to korean martial arts.

MMA Industries is proud to bring you the best MMA and Muay Thai Gear and Training Equipment.

International Maritime Security Corporation is currently leading the charge to develop and implement the world's most effective counter-piracy solution. No other system available today takes as comprehensive an approach to deterring, delaying, disrupting, defending, and defeating piracy.