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For various reasons many martial artists are really not self-defence or unarmed combat experts and many common martial arts combative methodologies are questionable at best and often very dangerous. It is dangerous to believe that methodology designed for sporting contests is effective preparation for real violence.

In all sporting events there are rules and fixed boundaries of acceptable conduct. Combatants usually know they will be fighting only one opponent and there will be no other obstacles or threats. However, on the street, there are no rules. This is why realistic Defensive Tactics training is essential.

The goal of our Defensive Tactics training is the removal of tactically inadequate martial arts methodologies and replacing them with techniques that have been repeatedly proven to work on the street. We specialize in quick, safe and non-lethal neutralization of hostile and physically aggressive individuals. Often resulting in no or minimal injury to the officer or the suspect. We provide cutting edge training not currently available elsewhere.