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What matters most
  1. Faith in Jesus Christ (Man of God)
  2. Wife Susanne and our four children (Dedicated husband & father)
  3. The United States of America (American Patriot)


Our Chief Instructor Art Huerta, has been truly fortunate to have personally trained some of the best of the best from the U.S. Military Forces. These individuals include members of: U.S. Army Special Forces, various other Special Operations Forces, U.S. Army Combat Arms Personnel, Military Police, and local Law Enforcement agencies.

Mr. Huerta's focus is on training combatants for a real-world physical confrontation, regardless of where that confrontation takes place. CDTI's physically aggressive training appeals particularly to military personnel, law enforcement officers, Instructor - Trainers, senior martial arts instructors, and ordinary citizens. Individuals attracted to this style do not have time to spend years learning a style before they are able to effectively defend themselves. People who train at CDTI are typically most interested in:

Art's Personal Testimony
"I was raised in a Spanish-speaking Evangelical church and came to know Christ as savior when I was 10 years old. When I was 15 years old, my mother died of a kidney ailment. At age 16, I was in an automobile accident which almost claimed my life. I then embarked on a ten year campaign against God; the picture that is most descriptive of this time is Forest Gump's, Lt. Dan on the ships mast during the hurricane, daring God to kill him. During this time, I engaged in a very sinful lifestyle. In 1979, I moved to Colorado, because I felt that if I didn't leave my environment I would end up either dead or in the penitentiary. I was married and divorced with in two years. I married my wife in 1983; two months prior to our marriage I rededicated my life to Christ, two weeks prior to our marriage my wife accepted Christ as her savior."