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To provide relevant and realistic training to neutralize a real world threat.


Pure Self Defense NOT Sport.


Combatives Defensive Tactics International (CDTI) was chosen to clearly define the service that our company provides. Combatives - A military term often referred to as hand to hand combat or self defense training. The term combatives also separates our services from common civilian styled karate programs which often have little application to the reality of military or law enforcement personnel. Defensive Tactics - A general term used to describe training intended to meet the specific needs of law enforcement officers. Defensive tactics includes arrest control/subject compliance and self defense tactics. International - Our willingness to travel to any country friendly to the United States to provide training to our clients living or working abroad.


Combatives Defensive Tactics International is a minority owned, small business specializing in empty hand combatives training. Clients interested in our services include: Military units, Law Enforcement agencies, Airline Flight Crews, Executives working in potentially hostile environments, Instructor-Trainers and others interested in: a) a realistic approach to self protection training, b) professionally delivered services and c) cutting edge services delivered in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. We are listed as a vendor with the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Combatives Defensive Tactics International will work with your staff to tailor a program of instruction to meet the specific requirements of your agency. Training may be conducted at our facility or a place of your choosing. Private lessons may also be scheduled in your home or at our facility.


Combatives Defensive Tactics International provides intensive and realistic training with an emphasis on the client's physical safety.